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tv   Today  NBC  July 13, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back with more of "today" on a monday morning. the 13th day of july, 2009. it's a beauty here in the northeast. hopefully it's nice where you are waking up as well. it's monday but we have a concert on the plaza thanks to the guys from the fray. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, al roker and the fray. guys, welcome. nice to have you. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this idea that the first album comes out and it's a huge hit. then there's this thing in the music industry everyone talks about the sophomore slump. did you get together and ever talk about how you could avoid that? >> through e-mails. we had some e-mails and phone calls and we decided we had a
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good team around us that kept us going back to the songs and kept writing. >> we had eight good ones and four bad ones. we kept working. >> the bad ones i'm assuming did not make the album. >> you have not heard those. >> some songs have made venues that people may be surprised to know about. have you seen the new "transformer" movie. i understand also in "lost" and so what drives you to that? what's your interest in having your songs mixed with film and tv? >> it's interesting that the music translates over to the visual in the movies. we never write an intention for the movies. it picks up. >> do they come and grab you? >> they end us an e-mail. would you want your song in "transformers." >> by the way, 35 shows coming up in eight weeks. you took time off from the last album. are you ready to be out on the
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road? >> definitely, yeah. >> we're pumped about this new record and pretty proud of it. it's been good. it changes when you get in front of people. the songs come to a new life. >> we happen to have a plaque for you guys that certified your album as now gold. it's been downloaded like crazy. downloaded 2 million times your current single "you found me." congratulations. >> how nice is that? >> thanks, guys. we appreciate it. ladies and gentlemen, the fray. we have much more ahead, let's go inside to natalie for the headlines. >> good morning to you once again. good morning, everyone. today on capitol hill the startup confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor. republicans promise tough questions especially about her comments that a wise latina would come to better conclusions
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as a judge than a white man. her confirmation as the first hispanic on the supreme court appears all about certain. a florida sheriff said there was multiple motives for the murder of a wealthy couple that adopted a dozen special needs children. three suspects are now in custody. warrants say two of the men arrested last night originally went to the victim's house to rob it. good news about gas prices. they have fallen about ten cents a gallon in the last two weeks. today aaa puts the average price of regular gas at $2.53 a gallon. a surprising allegation in the death of michael jackson. his sister it la toya, claims that he was murdered. jeff rossen has more. >> reporter: good morning to you. la toya jackson is crystal clear here. she believes michael jackson was murdered. in an interview with a british tabloid she said michael had fresh needle marks on his neck and arm and blames his own
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entourage for killing him out of greed. it's the strongest language yet from the jackson family. la toya going off accusing michael's inner circle of feeding him addictive drugs to control his moods. and signing him up for a 50 concert tour against his will. michael was worth more than a billion dollars, she said, when anyone is worth that much money there are always greedy people around them. he's worth more dead than alive. caroline graham spent four hours with la toya. her paper paid la toya an undisclosed amount for the interview. >> she told me that she believes 100% that her brother, michael, was murdered and that he was surrounded by shady characters that didn't have his best interest at heart. >> reporter: la toya said michael was isolated from his family at the end. he had no real friends, she said. he was the loneliest man in the world.
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i knew something terrible was going to happen. when la toya arrived at michael's mansion, she saw oxygen tanks and iv drips everywhere. >> she said there's evidence in the private autopsy that will be a bombshell to michael's fans. >> reporter: la toya's new comments add new pressure to los angeles homicide detectives collecting more evidence, medical records from michael jackson's own doctors including dr. conrad murray with jackson when he died. >> la toya said she went to dr. murray and confronted him and said what happened to michael and she said that dr. murray mumbled a load of nothing. he said i'm sorry michael didn't make it. and then she said in all of the craziness he basically disappeared. >> reporter: through his attorney, dr. murray denies any wrongdoing and says he'll fully cooperate with police. >> whoever is responsible for having provided diprivan to
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michael jackson in my opinion is going to be the person who will be the most targeted and who will be subjected to the most significant criminal charges including, i believe, homicide. >> reporter: la toya jackson says the entire family is united to solving the mystery of michael's death and the more urgent matter of michael's three kids living with their grandmother, katherine jackson, but there are published reports that debbie rowe seen here screaming at photographers will appear at a custody hearing next week to re-enter the children's lives. in her interview, la toya says michael's kids are shielded from the news reports. they watch children's movies at home. that custody hearing is scheduled for next monday. that's a week from today. there are reports this morning that katherine jackson and debbie rowe are trying to work out a deal in private now. natalie? >> all right. jeff rossen reporting from burbank. more on the custody hearing surrounding the children coming
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up in just a minute. it's now six minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to matt and ann. >> thank you. >> where did mr. roker get lost? >> over here. a great view of the fray. where are you guys from? >> colorado springs, colorado. >> having a good time? >> great time. >> let's check your weather and see what's going on. you can see wet weather in the pacific northwest. strong storms firing up in the midwest down into the southeast. some of these storms could be heavy at times. back through the central plains we have a risk of some tornadoes possible in these storms. showers in northern new england. the record highs continue from texas into the southwest into the rockies. wet weather in the southeast. >> temperature range between 84 and 87. right where we should be. but absent from the humidity. tomorrow, another beautiful one,
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>> that's your latest weather. >> the investigation into michael jackson's death goes on and another huge question remains. what will happen to his three children? a custody hearing had been scheduled for today that's now been pushed back for a week as jeff rossen reported. for perspective on this we turned to a judge involved in another high profile custody case. he made a name for himself with his trademark one liners and for crying when he read his decision. judge larry, good morning. glad to have you here. >> nice to be in new york city. >> you are no stranger to this kind of case involving the death of a celebrity parent and here we go with a custody issue involving the three children. michael jackson had named in his
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will, katherine, as guardian of his three children. is it likely that she is then -- is she first in line and is it pretty much sealed tight? >> the judge is sending signals to the parties that he wants them to negotiate and discuss it. i believe there are a number of people that will have a ticket to that courthouse. the mother, mrs. jackson, will have a ticket and front row seat and rowe will have a front row se seat. those are the two primary parties. to say they will give one child to one guardian and another child to another guardian, no judge in america will split up those three children. >> debbie rowe as biological mother of the two eldest children. you say she'll have a front row seat as well. we don't know yet. they may be involved in some sort of deal behind the scenes. what is working against her in your opinion? >> well, the biological mother
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normally would be first priority for the children. but she's shown a history, a pattern, when there's finances involved, she's willing to cut a deal. she's willing to take her money and leave. these parties right now are talking, the attorneys. right now all through the night they're talking. they're negotiating. and i believe they may come to a fair conclusion. now, the judge in this case is going to have some tough issues. the mother, jackson's 79 years old. the judge will have to be creative. he will have to fashion a remedy that looks out for these children because i don't want to be in this position again in a few more years if the mother goes to heaven or she becomes incapacitated. >> we know in the will diana ross was named as second in line as guardian but this is a will that goes back to 2002. again, how firm is it that this is the last will and testament of michael jackson?
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>> the will is not conclusionary. it's not like you're giving a channel to someone. this is children. it's a factor the court will consider. the bottom line is the court looks at what is in the best interest of the children. >> speaking to that, best interest of the children, we saw how they were surrounded at the memorial service by the jackson family. there are a lot of women in the jackson family. there's sisters la toya, janet and they have children, too. how much does that extended family then factor into the opinion of the judge if he makes his decision? >> when you look at the jackson family, this is a sophisticated sharp group. the one issue is the father. this joe jackson should really be walking into the sunset. >> he's not named in the will in terms of -- he's not even factored in. >> when his name is mentioned, it sort of gets the hair
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standing up in the arms of rowe. gets nervous about him having any role with these children. and therefore the father should at this point view it as a face on the nile. joe jackson. >> the judge will likely have to have something to say about that. >> i think that mrs. jackson has the very strong position. rowe has a strong position. and then there will be people coming forth and saying dna, these are really my children. but that goes against public policy to want to start taking dna of the children and of michael jackson. it goes against the public policy because it you're married and you have children and you present to the world that these are your children, we leave it that way. >> there's no taking of michael jackson's dna or anything? >> the judge will have to have to stand up and say i'm not taking any dna tests. it's not in the best interest of the children. it makes no sense.
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in california, it's interesting, if you present to people that these are your children for two years, it becomes a very strong presumption that they are your children. now, family court as you know in probate court the courts of equity. someone can come into courthouse saying these are my children but the court can fashion a remedy maybe they get a little visitation or something. i would not be allowing dna testing. >> and last question because we heard a lot during anna nicole smith case about this enabling and whether or not the parties involved had enabled anna nicole smith. we're hearing about this in the michael jackson case. do you think this is something that will enter into the custody hearing? >> this becomes anna nicole, too. we open the door. we set the bar in the anna nicole case. people want to know why we ask all these questions. i asked in the courtroom. it's right in the transcript that you provided me. it says were you enabling anna nicole? the issue is hot.
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the precedent has been set. the california attorney general charged the two doctors and howard stern with those crimes. i think these doctors are not sleeping tonight. they're very, very nervous. they're using the word murder. it will be manslaughter. murder without malice. without an intent to really kill. reckless behavior by the doctors. manslaughter. they could be facing it. the l.a. d.a. and the l.a. police brought in the feds, too. they want to spread that responsibility and everybody is looking at it with a microscope. >> we'll wait to see what the results are. thank you for your time this morning. appreciate it. the jackson 5 may have been one of the biggest groups of the '70s but they weren't alone. up next, we'll take a fond look back at the decade that some of us like to remember and others might like to forget. like perhaps, al or matt.
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the folks at "people" magazine have come up with a special edition. good to see you. >> this will be hard to get through with a straight face. >> this is the decade that gave us pet rocks. why are we bringing back the '70s? >> enough time has passed that we can look back and appreciate the really amazing cultural milestones that happened during this decade. >> we've been fixated with michael jackson and the jackson 5 looking at the videos. if you'll look back at the '70s, they're as good a group of any to start with. >> they captured the fun, sweet, light industry. we're coming up out of the turbulent '60s where music was about peace, love, war, lots of political statements. and the '70s everybody was just ready to let loose and have fun. and who better to take you
9:19 am
through that than michael jackson? >> and in the '70s it also gave us yo adrian! "rocky." >> we weren't feeling good about ourselves coming out of the vietnam war. here's this rags to riches tale of a boxer. he achieved the american dream. it was inspirational. >> made stallone a superstar. >> he wrote the script to "rocky." he wouldn't sell it unless they agreed to put him in the starring role. he won. >> and then of course another tragic loss, farrah fawcett. >> we lost two icons of the '70s on the same day. she was from texas. she embodied all of the good about california. the hair. the fresh face good looks. she was only on "charlie's angels" to one year.
9:20 am
>> and proved herself to be a really amazing actress as she moved on through her career. >> absolutely. >> on a different note, marcia, marcia marcia. >> the bra >> "the brady bunch." i have never seen a full episode. what was it about this show? >> they were the typical american family. a family divorced. two separate families coming together. they also captured all of the right notes of the time with bell-bottom jeans, shag carpeting, greg saying groovy all the time. >> you have john travolta who rocketed from tv stardom to movie stardom and starred in one of the iconic movies with "saturday night fever." guys across the country wanted to learn how to dance. >> i never wore that outfit.
9:21 am
just wasn't going to work. and then of course we got our disco ball spinning around here. disco was the music of the '70s. and donna summer was it. >> donna summer was the party girl. she had one anthem after another that had people just wanting to get up and dance. that's what the era was about for a time. people just wanting to let loose and have fun. disco ball, talk about studio 54 which was the nightclub of the era that everyone wanted to get into. the idea that you had to be young, beautiful, famous to get into the place and to begin with was a big deal. >> may the force be with you. 1977. george lucas brings us into "star wars."
9:22 am
>> what a blockbuster movie could be. it made $8 million. back in the day movies didn't do that. it it made a big star of harrison ford. >> first time an actress wore cinnamon buns on her head. >> and bo derrick. >> there's the shot running along the beach. fulfilled a million men's fantasy. you had dudley moore. he could get someone like bo derrick gave hope to millions of men everywhere. >> matt had corn rows in the '70s. thank you so much still ahead -- >> nice. we had to. what made this woman decide to take off 112 pounds? matt lauer was part of her secret. first, these messages.
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i am lisa robinson. a lot of questions remain today after a bomb was pulled out of the water in the -- but it was part of the water -- a body was pulled out of the water at a marina. it was a 62-year-old man. they're holding off on the name until family members are notified. an autopsy is being performed to determine what killed the man. and 83-year-old woman's body was found in a home. the remains were discovered late friday night at a home at furnace branch road and glen burnie. she had been bedridden for several years and was under the care of her two daughters. she died several weeks ago and her family placed her in a freezer. the death has been ruled suspicious. let's look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> we are going to stay drier than usual.
9:28 am
we will see normal-than-normal humidity day. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies in baltimore. we will continue to slide to the south of the carolinas today. we will be and the influence of high pressure which will stabilize as far as the forecast goes. the french will re-emerge as a warm front on wednesday. we are back into the low-to-mid- 80's for the weekend. >> see you back for 9:55.
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invited to the marriage of nick and leigh. "today" throws a wedding sponsored by purina. ♪ >> look at him go. if you thought he would fade away after "american idol" think again. chris daugherty is taking the music industry by storm. he's out with his sophomore effort and will join us tomorrow with a special live performance. speaking of music, coming up one more song from the fray. and this was chosen by you with 53% of the online vote. they are so talented.
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also ahead, between the heat and hummidity, if you're like a roker doesn't stand a chance. your makeup may be melting. we'll have products you need to hold that off. >> a lifestyle expert and a busy lady. b. smith is here. she's in the kitchen cooking up spicy fish for us. she works for scale. >> very funny. >> anything fishy about the forecast? >> boy, i tell you. let's show you what's going on. many more fish puns but we don't do them. there's the music. much below normal temperatures from new england on into the plains. we're looking for above normal temperatures out west.
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dry weather >> expect partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies today. high temperature of 86 degrees. we will have lower-than-normal two points and humidity today. 83 in ocean city. >> that's your latest weather. >> coming up next, we have beauty products to help you beat the summer heat. that's coming up right after this. and jet dry action leaves nothing behind but the shine. it's only dishwashing, but we believe you deserve brilliant results every time. finish. the new name for electrasol. the diamond standard.
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our beauty expert has the latest solutions for you. all tested by you tried and true. >> i've been a victim of all of these. these do the trick. >> let's get to some of the solutions. starting with streaky self-tanners. we get stripes during the season. >> you get orange hands. this is a great innovation. this is from a company in australia. it's a sun sponge. the self-tanner is in this sponge. you press it on. it's a little bit difficult to apply. make sure you pay attention and cover all of your bases. really natural color and your hands stay clean. >> speaking of that no streak tan, you swear by this. >> they say it's for your legs. i use it everywhere from the neck down because it's an amazing color. if you miss a spot. put this on. it's a crazy sort of mousse. it goes just like this. you rub it in. >> you can see if you're missing a spot. >> it doesn't react.
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it's not a self-tanner. it's a topical bronzer. i love this. >> don't forget to wash that hand. >> it comes right off. >> this is for those of us who wax or shave and a new product on the market now. >> this is from dove. it's called advisably smooth. this is a great deodorant. it softens the growth easier to shave. >> what about the cool fix? >> this is for men and women. this is brand new. it liberates ingrown hairs. put it on an ingrown hair. it will lift it out and ingrown free and it's nice and smooth. >> we all need that. okay. moving over here to makeup. this is that type of year where
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we change our makeup over. is waterproof the good solution. >> even better than waterproof this make up forever liners were made for the french water. they really stay on. >> look at the colors. >> great colors. also for lips now using liner to fill in the lip. you can swim. it lasts. >> it will stay on. here's another great makeup line. this is again something that will stay on very well and stay put. >> you want something that will last a long time. this is called all skins mineral makeup. i love the different shades. with most you can only get a few shades and they come off chalky. this lasts. pigment repel water. >> it's better for your skin. >> yeah. with women dealing with frizzy hair days. a couple solutions here.
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>> i loving in more than a good dry shampoo. this is dry conditioner. instead of having to watch hair to get conditioning benefits, this actually penetrates the hair. >> this is if you want to keep the blow dry lasting longer. >> and an overnigght treatment this is good. >> i love these. these are super light weight. these are from goodie. it reacts with positive charge in your hair. >> we can't stress sunscreen enough. you have the latest on the market right now. >> i love this. on a cloudy day you are not as good about putting it on as you should be. leave this in your purse. one of these is old every 15 seconds. i love it because you can put it on makeupee& z or over makeup. it's a light lotion.
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this morning our today's kitchen hot chef is the hostess with the mostest. she's hear to show us a new recipe. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> time to make spicy fish. you use two different kinds of fish. >> salmon and crab meat. >> could you use different kinds? >> certainly. make a fish cake out of leftover fish. >> what i notice instead of bred crum
9:46 am
crumbs or crackers, you're using something else? >> mashed potatoes. this is a good dish year-round. i have canned goods in my pantry sometimes when i have to do a quick meal this is what i do. >> the spice and spicy. what do we use? >> old bay seasoning. we use cayenne pepper. mustard. and then dill. i love fresh dill. you could use basil. whatever you have at home. >> more or less. you take it and pat it down and make patties. >> we have some i have been cooking over here. >> how long each side? >> two to three minutes depending on how hot the heat is. >> it's over. and number two. >> i think this is on here just a little while too long.
9:47 am
pretty good. >> we have some that are already done that are perfect. let's take these to the back. we're making a nice coleslaw to go with it. nice to see you. >> i want to know will your wife mind if i wake up in the morning with you? >> b. is referring to our weather channel show that begins monday, july 20th at 6:00 a.m. on the weather channel. i should also point out in full disclosure, your husband is standing right over there. okay. >> here we are. >> and you're here for me. >> and now the coleslaw. i have ginger. you got me going this morning. >> we have cabbage. >> i use two different colors. >> very nice. >> we have carrots. >> a little salt. >> a little lemon. >> mayo. >> working fast here. >> mix it together. it looks like that.
9:48 am
>> i'm using two mangos and a little brown sugar and i mix that up. imitation rum. it it doesn't have to be the hard stuff. >> it could be. >> it could be, yes. >> we'll drizzle this on our plate. it looks beautiful. look at that. >> i must even though you didn't say i should. fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. i look forward to you waking up with me on the weather channel on monday, july 20th. thank you so much. >> i'll be there. >> one more song from a band that's really cooking these days, the fray. that's really cooking these days, the fray. first, this is "today" on nbc. a dull metal clanking sound. bear groans. ♪ ominous music ferocious growling.
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9:51 am
the old fashioned way. >> plus, one more song from the fray. ♪ ♪ all alone smoking his last cigarette ♪ ♪ i said where you been he said ask anything ♪ ♪ where were you ♪ when everything was falling apart ♪ all my days were spent by the telephone ♪ ♪ it never rang ♪ and all i needed was a call ♪ that never came to the corner of first and amistad ♪
9:52 am
♪ lost and insecure ♪ you found me you found me ♪ lying on the floor ♪ surrounded surrounded ♪ why did you have to wait ♪ where were you where were you ♪ ♪ just a little late ♪ you found me you found me ♪ in the end everyone ends up alone ♪ ♪ losing her the only one who's ever known ♪ ♪ who i am who i'm not who i want to be ♪ ♪ no way to know how long she will be next to me ♪ ♪ lost and insecure ♪ you found me you found me
9:53 am
♪ lying on the floor ♪ surrounded surrounded ♪ why did you have to wait ♪ where were you where were you ♪ ♪ just a little late ♪ you found me you found me ♪ early morning city breaks ♪ i've been calling for years and years and years and years ♪ ♪ and you never left me no messages ♪ ♪ you never send me no letters ♪ you got some kind of nerve taking all i want ♪ ♪ lost and insecure ♪ you found me you found me ♪ lying on the floor
9:54 am
♪ where were you where were you ♪ ♪ lost and insecure ♪ you found me you found me ♪ lying on the floor ♪ you found me you found me ♪ why did you have to wait to find me to find me ♪ >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson. lawsuits are beginning to pile up in the wake of last month's deadly mecca crashed in the sea so far, six suits have been filed.
9:55 am
with so many potential litigants in the crash that killed nine and injured 80 others, the number of liability claims are expected to rise for months and possibly years. that could cost the district tens of millions of dollars. punitive damages could easily stretch into the hundreds of millions. a reminder for city residents this morning -- no trash pickup in the city today. the plan, the city says, will save money and promote recycling. crush will be picked up once a week and on separate days. to learn your day, go to try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak.
9:56 am
an updated all-time favorite: juicy steak layered with zesty chipotle sauce, melted cheese, piled high with only... the toppings you love on freshly baked bread. only at subway. subway. eat fresh.
9:57 am
>> let's look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> 86 degrees in baltimore. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies around the city. potentially, an ocean city, but minimal chance of that. minimal chance of an isolated storm tonight. anywhere from 58 to 64. slight chance of a thunderstorm late in the day on wednesday. it will be much more humid as well. on thursday, 88. slight chance of a thunderstorm. we will keep that chance into the afternoon through sunday. >> we will see you back here for 11 news at noon.
9:58 am
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